Brave will launch a new DeFi accessible wallet with a DEX

Brave aims to improve the accessibility of DeFi and cryptocurrency through new services.

The new wallet will unify Brave’s rewards and user accounts.

A new decentralized exchange (DEX) will also be introduced

Brave announced new features to make cryptocurrency more accessible to its users while expanding the usefulness of its Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Brave deploys new services to bridge the gap between users and the market for cryptomonnaie and DeFi (decentralized finance), revealing its intention to launch a new portfolio.

The Crypto Code will feature a simpler user interface and will be available on mobile and desktop platforms. Users will have the option to purchase a variety of different cryptocurrencies directly through the wallet . Payment options will include debit cards, bank accounts, and smartphone wallets.

In the future, proofs obtained through rewards may be accepted as payment for transaction fees on the wallet. This should provide further utility to the token that currently powers the Brave browser ecosystem.

The team also announced its intention to enter the booming DeFi market by launching a decentralized exchange through the wallet. Brave’s DEX aggregator will thus allow token exchanges and facilitate the usefulness of its BAT token.

Brave’s decentralized exchange multi-chain support will give users a virtually unlimited option of assets to trade. This is an improvement over the main decentralized single-chain exchanges which only allow the exchange of tokens on the same protocol. Liquidity providers on DEX Brave will be rewarded by BAT for funding the liquidity pool.

Users will receive discounts for paying transaction fees in BAT and will receive discounts for holding BAT

As part of its efforts to achieve a decentralized web, Brave will begin to research ways to integrate BAT with search engines, virtual private networks (VPNs) and e-commerce.

These new services should quickly extend the usefulness of BAT. According to Brave’s report last month, over 13 million BAT rewards wallets have been created since its inception. It also has over 25 million monthly users and one million verified publishers.