Alerte rouge : Bitcoin risque de subir un recul important alors que la réserve de 2,6 milliards de dollars de la BTC du Mt Gox pourrait bientôt se déplacer

Le prix du bitcoin est confronté à un sérieux risque de correction alors que la date limite du plan de réhabilitation du Mt Gox se rapproche. Le tristement célèbre échange de bitcoin est censé rendre plus de 150 000 bitcoins aux victimes du piratage de 2014 dans une semaine.

Ki-Young Ju, le PDG de la plateforme d’analyse de données CryptoQuant, a averti que le prix du bitcoin est appelé à remonter lorsque la date limite de paiement sera atteinte.

La date du plan de remboursement du Mt.Gox approche

Le 15 décembre, les victimes de la défunte bourse du Mt Gox qui ont perdu de l’argent en 2014 sauront si elles recevront du bitcoin. C’est ce qu’a souligné CryptoQuant mardi.

La date limite du plan de remboursement a été repoussée d’innombrables fois, les derniers retards ayant eu lieu le 28 novembre, en avril 2019 et en mars de cette année. L’entreprise de recherche note maintenant que le Mt Gox qui libère les 150.000 BTC est un signal baissier potentiel.

M. Youg-Ju a ajouté : Déclenchez l’alerte de sortie du Mt Gox. Gérez vos risques

Mt.Gox était autrefois une bourse de cryptage de premier plan qui traitait plus de 60 % de toutes les transactions de bitcoin. La bourse a été victime d’un piratage malveillant en 2014 et a perdu environ 850 000 BTC à l’époque. En particulier, 100 000 BTC ont été retrouvés plus tard dans un vieux portefeuille appartenant à la bourse, ce qui a donné le coup d’envoi d’une bataille juridique entre Mt.Gox et ses créanciers.

Le Mt Gox a déclaré faillite en 2014. En 2018, cependant, la bourse a promis de rembourser tous les utilisateurs concernés avec son fonds de faillite – estimé à plus de 150 000 bitcoins.

Le prix du bitcoin s’étant remarquablement apprécié depuis lors, ce cache de la BTC est maintenant évalué à environ 2,6 milliards de dollars. Comme l’indique CryptoQuant, cela pourrait entraîner une pression de vente importante sur les marchés du bitcoin.

Le bitcoin se négocie à la baisse pour le deuxième jour consécutif, passant sous les 18 100 dollars après que les taureaux aient échoué à lancer le prix au-delà du niveau psychologiquement important de 20 000 dollars. Le marché confiant a été freiné et les créanciers de Mt.Gox qui vendent leur BTC sur les bourses pour faire des bénéfices pourraient aggraver la situation déjà fragile.

Crisis management: Spanish community creates its own cryptocurrency

A smartphone that says cryptocurrency in English lies next to an outstretched Spanish flag on a stone surface.

In order to boost its own economy, the Spanish community Lebrija has issued its own crypto currency to the local population. The „Elio“ is linked to the euro. The ECB should, however, monitor developments closely.

In the Spanish province of Seville, the municipality of Lebrija has chosen a creative approach to the economic consequences of the pandemic. Like the Spanish news agency Europa Pressreported, the city council has decided to issue its own cryptocurrency, the „Elio“. The digital payment method is part of the municipal reactive plan, firmly linked to the euro and is transferred to 593 selected beneficiaries as economic aid. The amount varies between 50 and 200 euros. In addition, the cryptocurrency should also benefit 393 local companies. 400 euros are earmarked for this per company. According to the news agency, 165 stores have already registered on the platform. The City Council’s technical director, David Pérez, says about how it works:

The city council has created a digital wallet for the cryptocurrency Elio, which is pegged to the euro. Users have to download the dedicated app in order to benefit from the advantages of the Elio.

Pepe Barroso, Mayor Lebrijas, adds:

The creation of this virtual currency will ensure that the aid received will be implemented directly in local stores.

Elio as a pilot project for the ECB?

The „Elio“ is primarily intended as an additional tool in the context of economic aid. The cryptocurrency could also play a secondary role. As is well known, the ECB is still in the test phase for a digital euro. A decision is still pending as to whether and, above all, when a digital euro could be introduced. The ECB should therefore follow developments in the cryptocurrency with an eagle eye and incorporate the knowledge gained from this into its evaluations. ECB boss Christine Lagarde sees the possible use of the e-euro as more complementary to the physical counterpart. In a newspaper interview she said:

It could be important in a number of future scenarios, from a decline in the use of cash to preventing the introduction of foreign digital currencies in the euro area.

National cryptocurrency on the rise in China

While the ECB is still evaluating in Europe, China is already one step further. In December, a lottery was repeatedly held in Suzhou City, with 20 million digital yuan being raffled among the population. The lottery consisted of a total of 100,000 packages, each worth 200 digital yuan. All citizens with permanent residence in the east Chinese city were eligible to participate. The winners were able to spend the cryptocurrency at participating stores and online shops at the annual “Double-12” shopping festival.

Bitcoin’s price increase fueled the growth of Litecoin and Dogecoin

Bitcoin’s rise toward $23,800 triggered strong rallies in large-cap altcoins like Litecoin and Dogecoin

Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) posted strong gains as Bitcoin (BTC) set a new record at $23,800. Many analysts argue that the rise of large-cap altcoins is directly related to Bitcoin’s price action. Historical data shows that these two tend to move in parallel over the course of BTC’s bullish and bearish cycles.

Signs of newfound momentum in altcoins bring greater confidence among traders in the strength of Bitcoin’s trend.

During the month of December, altcoins remained static relative to Bitcoin, especially as BTC attempted to break out of the range between $18,000 and $19,400. However, this phase was characterized by low volume.

At that time, volume in the crypto market was declining, mainly due to Bitcoin’s continued rejection at $19,400. Thus, most of the volume moved into BTC and the altcoin market was temporarily deprived of its usual activity.

Bitcoin above $20,000 rekindled interest in Litecoin and Dogecoin

Historically, altcoins born between 2011 and 2014 tend to rise following a strong positive movement in Bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies include Litecoin, Dogecoin, and XRP.

One of the main reasons behind the altcoin rally is volume. Traders often flock to altcoins, causing a spike in volume in a short period and causing huge volatility.

Because these cryptocurrencies have significant historical relevance, after the start of a rally their momentum usually lasts longer than other lesser-known small-cap altcoins.

Litecoin, for example, is up 57% in the past 7 days. In the same period, Bitcoin has gained 34%, even though it has surpassed $23,800 on major exchanges.

Analysts have identified a positive trend: altcoins are not seeing extreme volatility as they did in 2017. A pseudonymous trader known as MoonOverlord commented:

„One thing that never occurred in this uptrend was the panicked selling of altcoins every time $BTC moved 5%. In 2017, in an instant altcoins would plummet -25% during a 4% increase in BTC, it was terrible. Tether and stablecoins didn’t even exist so the only options were BTC or altcoins.“

Are the fundamentals supporting the current uptrend?

According to Qiao Wang, quant trader and DeFi researcher, Litecoin is not necessarily ‚digital silver‘ in the same way that analysts consider Bitcoin ‚digital gold‘.

Since its launch, the primary argument for Litecoin was its potential role as silver should Bitcoin become gold 2.0. Wang explained:

„If you’re new to crypto, you’ve bought BTC and you’re wondering what crypto asset represents silver if Bitcoin is gold: it’s not LTC, it’s ETH. The other day Paul Tudor Jones used an interesting analogy taken from the world of metals to categorize crypto assets. There are precious cryptos and there are industrial cryptos: BTC is precious, ETH is industrial. LTC is neither.“

Litecoin has strong fundamentals that could improve market sentiment. For example, the Litecoin team is in the process of activating MimbleWimble, a privacy solution originally designed for Bitcoin.

However, these fundamentals are not enough to sustain a 57% rise within a week. The main reason for the sudden rally in large-cap altcoins is likely a volume strategy put in place by high net worth investors and traders looking for quick gains after Bitcoin’s rise.

Melco vergibt Bauauftrag für das Cyprus Casino Resort

Das Integrated Casino Resort Cyprus Ltd. (ICR Cyprus) erteilte am Dienstag die Konzession für den Bau des ersten integrierten Casino Resorts der Republik Zypern Avax – Terna JV, ein Joint Venture zwischen den griechischen Unternehmen GEK Terna und J & P Avax.

ICR Cyprus gab in einer Erklärung vom Dienstag bekannt, dass der Bau laut Hauptvertrag Anfang dieses Monats beginnen und 2021 abgeschlossen sein soll

City of Dreams Mediterranean wird das erste integrierte Casino-Resort auf dem Territorium der Republik Zypern und Europas größtes Anwesen dieser Art sein. Das Karamba Casino Luxusresort wird auf 37 Hektar Land im westlichen Teil der Stadt Limassol gebaut. ICR Cyprus teilte am Dienstag mit, dass die Immobilie nach den „höchsten Nachhaltigkeitsstandards zur Anpassung an die natürliche Umwelt“ gebaut wird.

Der Komplex wird über einen 16-stöckigen Hotelturm mit 500 Gästezimmern verfügen, darunter Suiten mit mehreren Erker und Gartenbalkon, ein Ausstellungszentrum, MICE-Einrichtungen, einen „weitläufigen Poolbereich“ mit vier Außenpools, Whirlpools und weitere Annehmlichkeiten Kinderspielplatz und mehrere Restaurants.

Der Casino-Teil des Resorts wird mehr als 100 Spieltische und 1.000 Spielautomaten bieten . Der Spielort wird unter der Marke Cyprus Casinos betrieben, dem lokalen Casino-Betrieb des in Hongkong gelisteten Gaming- und Hospitality-Riesen Melco Resorts & Entertainment. Melco und sein zypriotisches Geschäft haben im vergangenen Juni ein temporäres Casino in der Nähe des Standortes, an dem das Hauptresort gebaut werden soll, sowie zwei von vier Satelliten-Casinos eröffnet – eines in der zyprischen Hauptstadt Nikosia und eines am Larnaca International Airport.


ICR Cyprus teilte am Dienstag mit, dass der Umfang der Arbeiten im Rahmen des Hauptbauvertrags den Bau aller Resorteinrichtungen auf dem ausgewiesenen 37 Hektar großen Grundstück umfasst , einschließlich des zentralen Podiumsgebäudes, in dem die Casino-Etage, erstklassige Restaurants, Tagungen und Konferenzen untergebracht werden Einrichtungen, luxuriöse Einzelhandelsflächen und ein Spa- und Wellnesscenter mit Innenpool. Auf dem Podium stehen auch der Haupteingang des Hotels, Personalbereiche, Technikräume und Betriebseinrichtungen.

City of Dreams Mediterranean wird voraussichtlich 4.000 Arbeitsplätze während der Bauphase und 2.400 dauerhafte Arbeitsplätze schaffen, sobald sie voll funktionsfähig sind. Nach ersten Prognosen wird das Luxusresort nach dem zweiten Betriebsjahr 700 Mio. EUR pro Jahr für die zyprische Wirtschaft erwirtschaften, was rund 4% des jährlichen BIP der winzigen Mittelmeernation entspricht.

Der CEO und Vorsitzende von Melco, Lawrence Ho, kommentierte die Vergabe des Bauauftrags am Dienstag, dass der Umzug „den Beginn des Baus von City of Dreams Mediterranean markiert und [ihre]

kontinuierliches Engagement für das Projekt sowie für Zypern. “

TradingView dévoile un article sur les „échéances

En commençant par Tesla, TradingView compilera les „chronologies“ des grandes entreprises publiques, en présentant leur histoire.

La populaire plateforme graphique TradingView a révélé aujourd’hui une nouvelle fonctionnalité

La populaire plateforme graphique TradingView a révélé aujourd’hui une nouvelle fonctionnalité, appelée Timelines, qui devrait aider ses utilisateurs à mieux comprendre les entreprises qui les intéressent, selon un communiqué de presse.

„À moins de suivre quotidiennement l’actualité du secteur, il n’y a pas de moyen facile de se familiariser rapidement avec la longue histoire et les activités d’une entreprise. Pour l’instant, il faut parcourir des entrées encyclopédiques et essayer de tout recouper“, a déclaré James Maddison, responsable de TradingView UK, ajoutant : „Les lignes de temps changent tout cela en vous permettant de parcourir en un clin d’œil des années de l’histoire d’une entreprise“.

M. Maddison a expliqué que les lignes de temps permettront aux utilisateurs de repérer rapidement les événements majeurs de l’histoire d’une entreprise qui ont entraîné des mouvements importants de ses actions et de son cours de bourse. Ces informations devraient aider les investisseurs à élaborer leurs stratégies et présentent un moyen de mieux comprendre l’entreprise et ses performances au fil du temps.

La première entreprise publique à obtenir sa propre chronologie sur TradingView sera Tesla – un choix peu surprenant, si l’on considère que les actions de cette entreprise sont devenues les plus regardées sur la plateforme en 2020, suivies de près par Bitcoin. La nouvelle fonctionnalité sera lancée provisoirement „au cours de l’année prochaine“.

Le 2 décembre marque également une année complète depuis que TradingView

Le 2 décembre marque également une année complète depuis que TradingView a transféré sa fonction exécutive au Royaume-Uni après avoir conclu un tour de financement de 37 millions de dollars dirigé par Insight Venture Partners.

„Quelle année cela a été. Le monde était un chaos et les gens y ont vu une opportunité“, a déclaré Maddison. „Bien sûr, nous ne sommes qu’au début de ce mouvement qui, nous le pensons, portera la participation au marché au cœur même de la vie britannique“.

Selon l’annonce, la base d’utilisateurs de la plateforme a doublé en 2020, atteignant plus de 130 millions de comptes enregistrés – dont 500 000 Britanniques – car cette croissance a été „alimentée en partie par le boom du lock-down trading“.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, & XRP Technicals om de wacht te houden

Sterke rally’s in Bitcoin, Ethereum en XRP zijn dit weekend tot stilstand gekomen. Nadat BTC probeerde om de hoogtepunten van alle tijden opnieuw te testen, was de grootste digitale asset getuige van een sterke verkoopdruk die een gelijkaardig sentiment in de altcoin-markten teweegbracht. Nu de grote cryptokringen in de correctiemodus komen, welke prijsniveaus zullen op korte termijn op de uitkijk staan?


Bitcoin beleefde vorige week een sterk opwaarts momentum, toen de grootste digitale asset per marketcap probeerde de hoogtepunten van 2017 opnieuw te testen. Met een BTC-prijs die vorige week 19.391 dollar raakte, was het ongeveer ~ 0,50% verwijderd van de hoogtepunten van december 2017. BTC FOMO stierf ’s nachts en zag sterke verkoopdruk op donderdag. In de loop van de laatste 24 uur heeft BTC nu -8,76% teruggevonden. De altcoins hebben ook impulsen verloren met vele altcoins met grote kap die zwaardere verkoopdruk zien. Op het moment van dit verslag is hier te zien hoe groot de digitale activa de afgelopen 24 uur zijn geweest:

  • Bitcoin: -8,76%
  • Ethereum: -9,12%
  • XRP: -14,38%
  • Bitcoin Cash: -14,63%.
  • Chainlink: -11.92%
  • Litecoin: -14,12%
  • Cardano: -11,99%

Bitcoin Technische Analyse

Zoals hierboven vermeld, kwam BTC vorige week zeer dicht in de buurt van het hertesten van all-time highs. Dit waren niveaus die sinds december 2017 niet meer zijn bezocht. Sinds begin oktober heeft Bitcoin zich verzameld van $10.5K niveau’s helemaal tot halverwege $19K. Toen BTC dichter bij de all-time highs kwam, kwam het ook in overboughtgebieden terecht. Het lijkt erop dat de uitverkoop gisteren een natuurlijke prijsactie was om de techniek te normaliseren. Wij geloven nog steeds dat BTC voor het einde van het jaar all-time highs zal uitschakelen. Kijk eens welke prijsniveaus we hieronder bekijken.

Gebaseerd op de huidige technische ontwikkelingen, blijft $17.000 een sterk ondersteunend niveau. Zolang Bitcoin boven deze steun blijft, zal het sentiment bullish blijven. In dit geval denken we dat het zou kunnen leiden tot het opnieuw testen van de BTC-prijs. Aan de andere kant, als $17.000 wordt afgewezen, verwachten we dat de beren het heft in handen nemen. Als $17.000 wordt afgewezen, zullen we op zoek gaan naar BTC om $15.100 aan de negatieve kant te testen.

Ethereum Technische Analyse

In de afgelopen 24 uur is Ethereum sterk gecorreleerd met de Bitcoin-prijsactie. Zoals hierboven geschetst, hebben beiden ongeveer ~ 9% uitverkoop gezien en proberen ze het sentiment om te keren. ETH heeft recentelijk nieuwe jaarlijkse hoogtepunten rond de $610 ingebracht en zal dat op de korte termijn opnieuw proberen te testen. We schetsen hieronder de belangrijkste niveaus die in ETH moeten worden bekeken.

Het belangrijkste niveau om naar te kijken voor Ethereum zal $530 zijn. ETH zal dit weerstandsniveau moeten vasthouden om het bullish momentum te behouden. Veel traders lijken kooporders boven $530 te stapelen, wat dit argument sterker maakt. Als ETH $530 kan accepteren en vasthouden, stellen we dat de digitale asset nog een been omhoog zou kunnen zien en de jaarlijkse highs eruit zou kunnen halen. Als ETH $530 niet accepteert, stellen we ook dat meer neerwaartse druk het naar $450 ondersteuningsniveaus zou kunnen duwen.

XRP Technische Analyse

In een recente XRP-analyse werd geschetst dat $ 0,43 een niveau was om de wacht te houden. Er werd vermeld dat het positieve sentiment zou moeten blijven bestaan als de XRP-prijs deze niveaus zou aanhouden. Dit speelde goed, want XRP bleef een sterke opwaartse beweging ervaren en testte uiteindelijk nieuwe jaarlijkse highs rond de $0.70. Na deze parabolische beweging volgde XRP het Bitcoins-sentiment naar de keerzijde. Met XRP dat momenteel handelt op $0.53, welke levels zullen traders in de gaten houden als ze volgende week binnenkomen?

Gebaseerd op de recente koersactie, zal $0.55 een belangrijk supportlevel zijn om in de gaten te houden. Zolang XRP zich boven deze regio handhaaft, lijkt het erop dat er weer een bullish momentum zou kunnen ontstaan. Zolang de $0.55 niveaus worden gehandhaafd, zou de XRP-prijs op korte termijn een weerstand van $0.66 moeten testen. Mocht dat gebeuren, dan zal de digitale asset de jaarlijkse hoogtepunten eruit halen. Integendeel, er zou meer neerwaartse impulsen moeten zijn als de $0.55 steun wordt afgewezen. Kijk voor $0.48 en hieronder als dit gebeurt.

US$ 3 billion block chained bonds: sale postponed until further notice

It is not yet known how long China Construction Bank will postpone its bond sale.

The listing of China Construction Bank’s block chain bonds has been postponed „at the request of the issuer“ until further notice, according to a statement by the Fusang Stock Exchange on 13 November.

A block explorer scan of the smart contract address for the sale shows no transactions. This indicates that the sale and issuance of the bonds has also been postponed.

As Cointelegraph reported last week, the CCB is the second largest bank in the world in terms of assets held.

The plan was to raise up to $3 billion in total through the bond issue. A first tranche of US$ 58 million was to be released for trading on 13 November.

The bonds were to be issued as digital assets on the Ethereum block chain via an offshore branch of CCB on the small island of Labuan in Malaysia, known as a tax haven.

The digital tokens were to be sold at a nominal value of $100 each, so that institutions and private investors alike could participate in the sale.

The Fusang Stock Exchange, on which the bonds were to be traded, is also regulated in Labuan and offers cryptographic currency trading. Investors could therefore have exchanged Bitcoin (BTC) for dollars to participate in the sale.

It is not yet known when the sale will be postponed.

A Bitcoin price of USD 18,000? BTC’s market capitalization can exceed Canada’s monetary base

Bitcoin’s market capitalization is rapidly outpacing the monetary base of multiple national currencies and the Canadian dollar appears to be next.

When Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed the $14,000 level, its market capitalization exceeded the Russian rouble’s monetary base. This measure includes both physical currency and bank reserves, which are usually held by a country’s central banks.
It’s believed that Bitcoin’s market price will match the world’s major monetary bases.

The above graph may seem complicated at first glance, but simply compare the gold, silver, Bitcoin and the remaining global monetary bases. We can see that the US has USD 4.9 trillion in physical bills, coins and bank deposits parked in the Federal Reserve. Dividing this number by the current 18.5 million outstanding BTCs, we arrive at the USD 263,000 indicated above.

For Bitcoin’s market capitalization to match the U.S. base money figure, the price would have to exceed USD 263,000. While this may seem far-fetched, BTC has already eclipsed several sovereign currencies such as the Brazilian real, Swedish crown and South Korean won.

Bitcoin Sets Record for Russian Rouble

This movement is no small thing for a cryptomonkey who is only 11 years old. According to Fernando Ulrich, the economist behind Crypto Voices, the top 30 base currency competitors cover 95% of the GDP. Aside from the euro that covers many countries, some of the 113 major ones link their currencies to the US dollar.

Crypto Voices researchers concluded that:

„So far, the money monopoly ‚works‘ for central banks and their governments. It is virtually cost-free: fiat money has proven to be almost ‚free‘ of restrictions on the market value of gold.

Researchers say:

„As for #bitcoin, if it becomes large enough to be on that chart and/or in the hands of central banks, then and only then will we have any idea what bitcoin ‚costs‘ central banks.

Some might interpret the analysis as being bearish, but in reality it’s the opposite.

Interview: Is the stock-to-flow model defective?

Crypto Voices researchers infer that, until now, central banks and governments have maintained their ability to print money regardless of their gold holdings. Therefore, there is no pressure to seek a new „gold standard“ or anything remotely similar.

As the researchers perfectly summarize, inflation depreciates trust currencies little by little. This caused Bitcoin to outgrow a number of coins as they succumbed to overprinting. In fact, 2020 had the most extensive global monetary base expansion ever recorded.

Moon or mars? What is the next resistance on the Bitcoin chart?

Tether (USDT) is the best known and largest stable coin. It is used to quickly pump USD into the crypto markets because the rate is always stable.

The rocket in the Bitcoin chart has started and the moon and Mars are waiting. At least that is the opinion of many investors, with the hope of a new all-time high. The PayPal news seem to be the deciding factor and the euphoria knows no bounds. From a technical-analytical point of view, however, Bitcoin is directly confronted with several major resistances. One of these resistances will be examined in more detail in this article – the Fibonacci levels.

Coinbase’s Bitcoin Chart is viewed on a weekly, daily and 4-hour basis. As in previous reports, the moving average 200 is shown, as it represents a very striking support and resistance line.

Fibonacci and stock market prices?

The Fibonacci number sequence should be known to some from mathematics. But this phenomenon is also relevant in nature and even on the stock exchange. Using mathematical calculations, price levels can be determined up to where the price can correct after an impulse movement. If these levels are started, they act as support or resistance. Particular attention is paid to the golden pocket – the area between 0.618 and 0.65 Fibonacci levels. A nice example of this is provided by the Bitcoin Chart in the weekly view. The zone up to just over $ 14,000 was also mentioned as a strong resistance zone in our last report.

The moon doesn’t seem far away anymore. Or let’s say first of all the all time high. But let’s see the course’s final reaction when it ran into the Golden Pocket region. The price ran neither to the moon nor to Mars, but pushed down again and the moving average 200 had to serve as a support for the closing price.

Are there any clues for the Bitcoin Chart in the Daily?

Resistance, correction phases and support are something very natural – in life as well as on the stock market. No price can rise indefinitely and profit-taking by others is inevitable. In the daily chart, we have seen a price increase since the beginning of October that has practically not yet had a relevant correction. Higher, further, faster, moon, mars. Greed eliminates some wise decisions. But what if the Bitcoin course turns at this point and swings south, contrary to its own long position?

A support zone, which has also formed above the moving average 200, gives the price current hold. But let’s consider the golden pocket directly above the price from the weekly chart. Bitcoin is being constricted more and more from both sides. The support is getting closer and the resistance is right over it. The price has to decide for one side, up or down, long or short. We do not know what this will be. Observing the course of the Bitcoin chart and deriving smart decisions from the past – we can influence that.

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And what about now in the short term?

This can possibly be answered with the 4-hour chart. In this unit of time, things aren’t looking so bad for Bitcoin. There are two support zones below the rising price and it seems like it wants to make a new breakout attempt to the upside. We don’t know yet whether this will be sustainable. With spontaneous, ill-considered long entries in the 4-hour chart, you can currently trade a lot of losses – consider the golden pocket from the previous week in the Bitcoin chart!

Another blow from the regulator for derivatives trading – CFTC promises Bitcoin investors their protection

The CFTC intervenes in the crypto market a second time this week.

Yesterday, Friday, the American derivatives trading agency, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), induced a crypto scammer to repay $ 7.4 million in stolen funds

At the same time, the authority emphasized that Bitcoin Revolution investors enjoy the same protection from it as everyone else.

In this regard, James McDonald, the director of the CFTC’s Law Enforcement Division, writes:

“The CFTC will continue to work to protect the markets from fraud, including the emerging market for digital currencies like Bitcoin. Where necessary, we will work closely with our law enforcement colleagues. “

The CFTC’s most recent blow was against Jon Barry Thomson.

The latter pleaded guilty to having stolen US $ 7 million from two investors through a fraudulent Bitcoin project

It seems that the regulator is stepping up its efforts regarding the crypto markets, as on Friday it also brought charges against the influential crypto trading platform BitMEX, which caused a big stir in the crypto industry.